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Lowes Hire & Engineering are local agents for DAB water pumps.

Just because you are on tank supply, doesn't mean you can't have City Water Pressure.

DAB delivers town water pressure to any part of your home. A DAB water pressure system will draw water from storage tanks, dams and shallow bores, prime itself automatically, giving you instant supply on demand.

DAB has a range to meet any domestic requirements large or small. You have flexibility to run extra domestic outlets if you renovate later, or have longer pipe runs on small irrigation systems, without suffering substantial volume loss.

And when quality matters.... DAB pumps are built to last. The rugged materials whether in cast iron, stainless steel, or technopolymer construction and totally enclosed fan cooled motor allow DAB pumps to withstand the rigours of our harsh environments.

Available in 3 different body materials for any purpose...

  • Stainless steel pump body for bacteria and corrosion resistance
  • Cast iron for durability
  • Technopolymer for lighter weight and harsh environments

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