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Lowes Hire & Engineering are local agents for Honda Power Equipment.

Honda strives to produce the world's cleanest and most efficient products from the world's cleanest and most efficient factories.

Honda produces approximately 5 million general purpose engines per year in Japan and in eight other countries around the world. They integrate them into their own products as well as supply them to various power product manufacturers around the globe.

The professional use GX engine is one of their best selling products, with cumulative production now exceeding the 30 million-unit mark. The GC/GCV engines for trimmers and household use achieve high performance at a competitive price. An ultra-compact 4-stroke engine that can be inclined 360° has been developed for the handheld market. This has enabled environmentally-friendly 4-stroke engines to be installed on lawn mowers and other products not previously possible.

Approximately 70% of the general purpose engines manufactured by Honda are supplied as OEM engines to other manufacturers of power products. We have over 3,600 OEM customers in 86 countries around the world. The many products with the emblem "Powered by Honda" attest to the reliability of Honda power product engines.

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